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If you’re a venue manager, client or festival organiser then read this page and find out if we’re right for your event. Please feel free to use the content at the bottom of this page for inclusion in your brochure and marketing material.

What you can expect?

Identity Crisis are a 4 piece party band playing a range of popular songs, mainly from the 90s and onward, although we do have some oldies in our repertoire. We have a professional attitude, are friendly, organised and will liaise with you to ensure that our setup and performance runs smoothly for you. Depending on the circumstances, we can provide full PA and lighting – or of course will work with a house system if one is supplied. Some typical scenarios are described below.

Private Parties and Events

First and foremost, we consider ourselves to be a party band. We know that if you’re organising a special party, wedding, anniversary, garden party, work Christmas party etc, then you probably just want to book the band and have them take care of the rest. That’s exactly what we’ll do – we’ll of course bring our own instruments, backline, monitors, microphones, and PA. If needs be, we can also source lighting. Our fee will vary depending on exactly what you need. Our usual routine is to arrive a few hours before your event, setup, soundcheck and then be out of the way when your guests arrive and of course play when you require!

Planning a party? Things to consider:

Power: Our stage and performance area needs to be located near to a power supply. This needs to be at least 2 separate wall power sockets (ie, not sourced from a single extension cable) or from a power generator unit. Stage lighting increases the electrical requirements further. Things to avoid are very long extension cables which might cause problems with electrical circuits tripping (and actual tripping of people!) etc.

Stage: Our stage area needs to be at least 3.5m x 4.5 to accommodate the group and equipment.

Setup: We need to be setup well in advance and this process includes a soundcheck. Please allow time earlier in the day for us to do this – we’ll liaise and co-ordinate this with you.

Co-ordinating with other performances: There is scope for us to co-ordinate with other performers you may have – it might be best for us to liaise directly with them and ensure that sound-checks and equipment deconflict etc. Please introduce us ahead of the event if possible.

Green Room: … As a minimum, access to drinking water and a lavatory.

Pubs and Small Music Venues.

Identity Crisis are suited to pubs and venues with a dedicated space (either indoors or outdoors) for bands and ideally with a dancefloor. Our equipment includes a full backline of amps, floor monitors, and several microphones which means we need power available and good space on the stage.

Festivals, Summer Events and Outdoors

We’re ideal to be included in your line-up. We’re especially interested in contributing to smaller local festivals, charity events and communities.

Press, Brochures, Info, Influences

Please use the information, pictures and logo below for inclusion in your brochure or marketing as required:

Identity Crisis play high quality, well rehearsed pop and rock covers. Our aim is to ensure that every song we play will get people dancing or singing along – or perhaps both! Our bandmembers are creative musicians which means the audience can also expect some covers with a twist, or a new version, or perhaps a mashup or medley!

Genre and influences

Britpop, Indie, Rock, Pop.

Logo: Our logo is available here in a variety of formats. Choose a logo that best works with your brochure, flyer etc.

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Feature Photo

The photo below is our feature photo for 2024

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